We offer a high quality painting service for your miniatures and are local for residents in the US. Here is our miniature figure painting service pricing…

$4 per 15mm miniature

$15 per miniature for a squad or team (5+ minis) of 28mm miniatures where every member is similar (Infantry from almost any war for example)

$20 per miniature for individual 28mm miniatures (role playing characters or commanders for example) or 54mm miniatures

+ $3 if mounted 15mm

+ $8 if mounted 28mm or 54mm

Shipping is whatever it costs us to get it to you.

There are cheeper painting services overseas. Here is one folks we know trust…¬†

You can see examples of our work here. For quotes on figures of other sizes or vehicles please drop us an email at and we can quickly work out a quote for you.

Payment is required up front for new customers but we’re happy to invoice once we’ve been working together for a while.

Gloomhaven Example of our Painting Service for Fantasy Miniatures
Gloomhaven Bear